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Cannot activate BlueSoleil, your serial number is applied to more than one computer

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If an exception occurs during activation, which indicates that your Operating System environment does not match the activation requirement, please choose a proper Patch to install according to your Operating System. (if your operation system is windows 7, please choose the vista patch) If you have already installed the patch, please skip this step and turn to step 2; if you have not installed the patch please do step 1.

1. Please check the Operating System and then download the corresponding package.
CfgWMIPack_Vista32          CfgWMIPack_Vista64          CfgWMIPack_XP32          CfgWMIPack_XP64

(1) If you see following message, it means you didn't download the correct package, please check the Operating System and then download the corresponding package and then run it (for example, if the OS is Windows Vista 64bit, you should download the package named as 'CfgWMIPack_Vista64.zip')
Note: please make sure the package is located and run on the OS on which you can not activate BlueSoleil if you have Multi-OS on one computer

(2) After you run the exe file, you will see following message, please wait until it automatically exits after it completes, please do not manually exit it

(3) And then you will see a dialog "please send WMI.log to store@bluesoleil.com" OR "please send WMISetup.log and WMI.log to store@bluesoleil.com "
Please find the folder named as 'CfgWMIPacket' created at the location where you saved the tool, open the folder and you will find the log, please contact us and attach the log file for our R&D team to analyze it

2. If you have installed the patch, but the exception still occurs during activation, please examine your Operating System environment by following the instructions below.
Please open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management.  Then right click WMI and select Properties, as shown in the figure below.


If the following dialog is not shown, it means that your WMI environment has been damaged. You need to repair your Operating System environment firstly and then activate your BlueSoleil. If the following dialog is shown, it means that your WMI environment works correctly.

Please click the "Advanced" tab page, and click "Change..." button to set the namespace as "root\cimv2". Now BlueSoleil could be successfully activated.