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Quick Guide for BlueSoleil Linux Ubuntu


1. System Requirements

OS: Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop/Netbook Remix
Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop LTS
Disk Space: > 15MB

2. Install BlueSoleil

  1. Copy the installation package into a folder. E.g. /home/user
  2. Double click the installation package, and then an installation dialog will be popped up. Click the "Install Package" button to install.
  3. After installing the package, restart your computer.

Note:If you already have a previous version of BlueSoleil installed, you need to follow "Removal BlueSoleil" to uninstall BlueSoleil before you install the new package.


3. Remove BlueSoleil

  1. Open a console terminal from entry "Applications->Accessories-> Terminal".
  2. Executive the following command to install the package:
    sudo dpkg -r bluesoleil


4.Getting Started


4.1 Start BlueSoleil

You can start BlueSoleil from entry "Applications->Accessories->BlueSoleil".

4.2 Discover remote Bluetooth devices

  1. Make your Bluetooth devices discoverable.(Reference to your Bluetooth devices'manual).
  2. Double-click "Central Sun" icon in BlueSoleil window.

Then your Bluetooth devices will be found and listed on the orbit in BlueSoleil window.

4.3 Search Services of your Bluetooth devices

Double-click your Bluetooth device icon to search services. Available services will be highlighted by service icons located on top of the BlueSoleil window.

4.4 Establish a connection

Double click a service icon to initiate a connection.
You might be prompted to enter a passkey to authenticate. Enter the same passkey on both sides, or enter the specific one provided by the device manufacture on your computer side only. A dialog box as shown benlow will pop up for you to enter a passkey.

After the connection is established, both the Bluetooth device icon and the service icon will turn green.

4.5 Terminate a connection

Right-click the connecting service icon, and select Disconnect.