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How to list contacts stored in iPhone with cPhoneTool?

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  1. Please make sure that you have installed BlueSoleil and cPhoneTool successfully, and all of them are available.
  2. Open the "My Bluetooth Space" of BlueSoleil on your computer. Right click "My Device", and then choose "Properties..."

  3. Select "General" and Change the "Device Type" to "Headset" in the "My Device Properties" window.

  4. Please access the Bluetooth profile on your iPhone; search the Bluetooth devices nearby.

    Find the computer which has been set as "Headset", and then choose "Pair" to make a Bluetooth connection between your computer and iPhone.

  5. Open the Main Window of BlueSoleil cPhoneTool; click "select device", and choose "Other Devices..."

  6. Please click "Search Devices" in the pop-up window to search the nearby Bluetooth devices.

    After the search is finished, please choose the phone you want to connect, and click Finish.

  7. Choose the "Browse and manage the contacts" icon; click Update, and then the following window about "Select the Bluetooth Phone Model" will appear.

  8. Click "Next" and then the contacts will be listed.