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A Wee Bit Of The Blue In The Land Of Green

2017/5/8 11:22:17     Source: SIG     Views:12176     Comments:0

Summary:The Land Of Green

bluetooth-techI’m spending this week meeting with members of Bluetooth SIG working groups and committees in Dublin, Ireland, as we hold our first-ever Working Group Summit. We’re not just here for golf and sightseeing. This really is a working summit. More than 100 working group members from dozens of companies around the world are here to share ideas, hold joint meetings with other groups, and talk to Bluetooth SIG board members.

The 14 groups and committees here focus on everything from Bluetooth wireless technology in cars and computers to medical devices and mobile phones. There are plenty of discussions about new markets, further developing existing Bluetooth markets, and advancing the Bluetooth Core Specification.

Each working group meets regularly, but this week they all have the chance to meet together face-to-face and get to know each other better as you often can only in person. In the end, the experts gathered in Dublin this week all have a common agenda: Ensuring a continued bright future for Bluetooth technology.

(Credit: Mike Foley)

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