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Sometimes a Pill a Day Keeps the Doctor Away—and Bluetooth Can Help

2017/5/2 17:06:41     Source: SIG     Views:12234     Comments:0


For many people, daily medication is a critical part of maintaining their quality of life. But life can also get in the way. People get busy, they forget to take their pills… and then they don’t feel so great. But the Bluetooth® technology-enabled Liif pillbox from Tricella can help keep track of medication compliance for you and your loved ones.

The Liif pillbox adds new functionality to the iOS 8 Health app. The device itself looks like a standard pillbox, with options available for required dosages and number of days. Pairing the pillbox with a smartphone or the Liif wired hub is easy, using NFC for quick and easy Bluetooth connection. Then Bluetooth keeps the lines of communication open.


The pillbox and app keep track of progress and send notifications to remind patients to take their medication if they forget. AndBluetooth Smart technology lets users keep the Bluetooth connection on their phone turned on around the clock without worrying about battery drain. It’s a smart, worry-free way to make sure you don’t forget your important medications.

(Credit: Nanci Taplett)

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