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How to use PC to hear the phone music via BlueSoleil

2014/5/7 22:10:15     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:400898     Comments:0

Summary:How to use PC to hear the phone music via BlueSoleil

1.      You need to a BLUETOOTH USB DONGLE or you computer has a BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH..


2.      Download and install BlueSoleil, insert your dongle or turn on the built-in Bluetooth, then turn on BlueSoleil software. Here you can get BlueSoleil: http://www.bluesoleil.com/products/S0001201005190001.html


3.      Right click the yellow sun, select “Properties”, or right click Bluetooth icon and select “My Device Properties”, set up your computer Bluetooth type to “headset”, then click “Accessibility” to set your PC can be found/connect by other devices.


4.   Turn on the Bluetooth of you phone, start to search your PC, connect it. And there will be a pop-up turn on your telephone and PC interface to ask you to confirm the paired password or PIN an the same time. You have to confirm this in a certain amount of time.

But if your dongle or telephone is Bluetooth 2.0 or under 2.0, you probably need to input a password/PIN when you pair the phone and PC.


5.      There will be a pop up to notice you to confirm make a connection with your PC and phone. Click “Yes ” to accomplish the connection, then you can listen you phone music from PC

You can select “Pause”, “Next”, “Previous” according to your request.

(Credit: BlueSoleil_Wang)

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