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Bluetooth Smart Technology Helps You Sleep Better

2017/2/28 10:46:36     Source: SIG     Views:673     Comments:0


You know I love new Bluetooth® Smart products. When I read about the IQ Intelclinic’s intelligent sleeping mask, I had to dig a little deeper. The idea of the mask is to help people sleep less but more efficiently like Thomas Jefferson or Da Vinci. If you only sleep a few hours but it is good quality sleep, the more productive you can be throughout the day.

The mask uses three electrode sensors to monitor sleep patterns including REM and non-REM. The sensors then send the data via Bluetooth Smart to the app. Now here’s the kicker, once you analyze the data and configure your settings, you can set the alarm to only wake you once you complete a full sleep cycle. Instead of a normal alarm waking you at a predetermined time, this alarm wakes you only if you’ve completed the cycle.

(Credit: Nanci Taplett)

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