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Now That’s a Fish Story

2017/3/6 14:08:56     Source: SIG     Views:473     Comments:0

Summary:Fish Story

The Internet of Things extends further every day—almost anywhere imaginable. Now, it extends to your favorite fishing hole, too.

At CES this year, as we delved into the new and exciting ways Bluetooth® technology is being used to make the world a more connected place, we chatted with Nic Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Anglr Labs. Nic is a fisherman, and after a friendly argument about how many fish he and his friends had caught one day, he was inspired to develop a technology-based way to stop all such arguments forever. He developed the Anglr, "like a FitBit for fishing," a device that attaches to a fishing rod and tracks all kinds of information, from number of casts to weather conditions.

Nic and his team chose Bluetooth as their wireless solution because they needed a real-time system with plenty of range to transmit information to the Anglr app on the fisherperson's phone.

Will Anglr spell the end of whoppers about "the one that got away"? Or will it finally tell the truth of the matter for solo adventurers like Hemingway's old man? Time—and Bluetooth—will tell.

(Credit: Bluetooth SIG)

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