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About BlueSoleil

2015/4/23 2:14:54     Source: BlueSoleil     Views:69062     Comments:0

Summary:BlueSoleil ,software , iphone 6, ebay,computer ,

    Some people say that BlueSoleil ask them to input serial number ,that means their dongles are not from us ,because our dongle have the lisence of BlueSoleil software ,so our dongle can active BlueSoleil the moment you plug in it ,if the dongles are from us ,it will not alert you to active the software.Software is developed by our  IVT company,We oppose any  piracy software。If you want to use BlueSoleil ,you need buy a serial number to active it  if your dongle is not bought from us .Any question ,you can email us :sales@bluesoleil.com or service@bluesoleil.com

    Our dongle now only sold on our official website www.BlueSoleil.com 

     If you buy the dongle from other businesses ,it often with  a software CD in the package,but the software in the CD is too old version .such as  BlueSoleil 2.0 and so on ,most of them are cracked version.Our BlueSoleil dongle sold without a CD in the pakege .We sugguest you to install the latest version BlueSoleil 9 or BlueSoleil 10 from our website because old version software have many problems or bugs .But  sorry to tell you that our software is not free . you need buy a serial number to active it .


Our serial number is bounded with the computer,and one serial number can only active one computer ,so if you want to change a computer ,you need tell us,we will clear the activation record for you ,then you can use this serial number to active the new computer  .

The advantage of serial number :

(1)If you buy serial number, you can active BlueSoleil directly .If you have bought BlueSoleil 5 serial number(SN) ,you can upgrate to BlueSoleil 9 freely;else if you have bought BlueSoleil 6/8 serial number (SN),you can upgrade to BlueSoleil 10 freely.
(2)The serial number will bind your computer hardware,so you can use any dongle you want.When you want to change your computer ,you  can also contact us directly,it is our pleasure to provide you with good service.
(3)Activation steps:click to view(http://www.bluesoleil.com/life/127.html )

This is the link of the latest version:

BlueSoleil 10:click to buy or download (http://www.bluesoleil.com/products/S0001201005190001.html)

BlueSoleil 9 :click to buy or download (http://www.bluesoleil.com/products/S0001201008080001.html)


The link of BlueSoleil life:

The steps of activation :http://www.bluesoleil.com/life/121.html

FQA :http://www.bluesoleil.com/life/list-1-search-0.html

Note:Only our dongles are lisenced by BlueSoleil ,plug and play, click to buy (http://www.bluesoleil.com/products/productcatalog-hard-1-sales-desc-0-1.html)

The advantage of our dongle:

1、 Licensed by BlueSoleil 10 or BlueSoleil 9 ,so you needn't buy the serial number to active the BlueSoleil software .the moment you plug in the dongle ,the software will be activated 。

2、 Mini ,Easy to carry。We can provide free technical support for you .

3、 High quality Bluetooth chip, transmit more stable .

4.  Plug and play , you can plug in any computer (which have installed BlueSoleil software )you want to use .

Note: If you want to buy a dongle ,you'd better buy a Bluetooth 2.1 dongle or a bluetooth 4.0 dongle .Because bluetooth 2.0 dongle can not transmit stably。

(Credit: BlueSoleil -hai)

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