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Important Notice on BlueSoleil Upgrade


We supply BlueSoleil basic versions such as BlueSoleil 1.x/2.x/3.x/5.x to Bluetooth chip makers worldwide. Then chip makers bundle their Bluetooth chips with BlueSoleil to USB dongle makers. USB dongle makers supply Bluetooth USB dongles with BlueSoleil to the worldwide market. We then offer advanced versions such as BlueSoleil 10 through our website. But it is not free for these basic versions to be upgraded to BlueSoleil 10. BlueSoleil Dongle End Users need to pay 19.99 Euros(or 27.99 USD) to buy one serial number to upgrade BlueSoleil 1.x/2.x/3.x/5.x /7.x/9.x to BlueSoleil 10.
BlueSoleil dongle end users with BlueSoleil5/7 can free upgrade to BlueSoleil 9; Bluesoleil dongle end users with BlueSoleil 10 can free upgrade to the latest version. 
BlueSoleil 5/ 7/9 software owners just need to make up the difference to upgrade to BlueSoleil 10.

BlueSoleil 6 and BlueSoleil 8 owners have FREE access to the latest version BlueSoleil 10. End users who purchase Serial Number of BlueSoleil 10 will automatically become BlueSoleil Club member, are eligible for free upgrade of BlueSoleil 10.x series PERMANETLY, and can purchase Plug-in Applications based on BlueSoleil 10.x. Only the BlueSoleil Club members who purchase the Serial Numbers can purchase Plug-in Applications based on BlueSoleil 10.x.

IVT reserves the right to modify its policy in the future without further notices.

BlueSoleil Club Member Benefits
BlueSoleil Club Members could enjoy:
  • Free upgrade of BlueSoleil 10 series permanently.
  • Right to Purchase Plug-in Applications based on BlueSoleil 10.x.
  • High priority on requested mobile phones support
  • Cordial and courteous online technical support

License mechanism

  Computer-bundle license mechanism
Computer-bundle license mechanism means one Serial Number can be used to activate only one computer, once the compute was activated with the Serial Number, end users could use any dongle supported by BlueSoleil on this computer.
Serial Number of BlueSoleil 10 is based on computer-bundle license mechanism.


Dongle-bundle license mechanism
Dongle-bundle license mechanism means the dongle (Bluetooth USB adaptor) is licensed by BlueSoleil and the dongle can be used with BlueSoleil 10 on any computer.



  • Why is there  a data transfer limitation?
    End users who download and install BlueSoleil 10 from BlueSoleil.com need purchase a Serial Number of BlueSoleil 10 to remove the data transfer limitation.
  • What is Serial Number and how to get it?
    Serial Number is for activating BlueSoleil 10.
    End users can purchase Serial Number from BlueSoleil.com. An email including Serial Number will be sent to you.
  • Why can't I find download of 1.x/2.x/3.x versions on BlueSoleil.com?
    The older versions such as BlueSoleil 1.x/2.x/3.x have not been maintained. So these versions are no longer available for download.
  • How can I enjoy big savings on special products?
    You will need to register an account on BlueSoleil.com. Verifying and activating the account from your email is especially necessary. Log on the account on BlueSoleil.com, you'll find discounted price in your shopping cart.