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Rate: added at 2010-10-19 07:34:13

Waste of time and Money, don't bother, buy from someone else! I had the older version and it gives me nothing but headaches, very unstable. Have to keep un-installing and re-installing software. Constant error messages of, "Bluetooth busy" or "Can't connect to device" .... NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN CHINA!  I had to call their US distributor Link Depot, a small outfit that tried real hard on their end to get it working, they could not. After several failed attempts and frustratinng hours trying I got it to work but even still it's not consistant.

When I sent an email to Soleil "Maggie" said they were aware of the problems with that model and said their solution was for me to upgrade, great except I have to pay for it! That's like me buying a car and it won't drive off the lot and the sales person saying, "Yea we know it does't run but if you pay some more we'll get you a car that actually runs!!!! 

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