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Rate: updated at 2011-06-14 07:19:09

i purcase this dongle kit BS006 Dongle is up to 20% discount. when it arrived i realise the package has a small hole. on opening the package the inside package is dammaged with the mini dongle missing. i try to charge up the bluetooth headset but will not charge up dead

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warren replied at 2011-06-14 07:19:09

hi i have spent 81 euros on bluesoleil special offer.some items went missing or the headset will not work and they say that the 007 dongle was bluesoleil 8 regester but it will only activate with bluesoliel 7. bluesoleil have not offer me a replacement or refund. so i had to contact paypal about the matter. now paypal contact me today and said to take the matter to the police and get bact to them which i will do. i work hard for my money to but these items so people beware 

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