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Rate: updated at 2016-01-31 22:39:33


I have big problem installing BlueSoleil 8.0.338.0 On Windows 7

I have error No 183 please hhelp me instantly



nastro420 replied at 2016-01-31 22:39:33

hi i baught the IS-BUD217 USB Dongle at a local pc store and the CD that came with the installer wont install gives error 183

orbiter replied at 2015-11-17 16:52:45

Solution is run installer in compatibility mode + as administrator (shfit+control key pressed, right click -> "install")

works for win 7 home, 64 bit, bluesoleil version


abhi replied at 2013-10-01 04:01:21

 i have an error ... what can i do ?



aquar_6655749098_tosh_satellite_635_aziz alqallsf_kuwait hawalli_almouthana replied at 2013-09-12 01:23:31

    Hi.... I am anew customer I Thank you for this sirves in my TOSHIBA-Satellite-L635 , windows8pro 64bit, and i hope to be my best partiner  

           To learn me and fix eny broplem in my pc ....  THanks alote my dear.




BlueSoleil_Support replied at 2013-08-30 03:27:22

 Dear ALL:

If you still have the 183 error, please  download our latest version to have a try. 



BlueSoleil Support Department


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Rate: added at 2015-12-11 00:53:13
I wil just tell you that I will trow your bluetooth stick in the rubbish bin
Level: 1
Rate: updated at 2015-09-21 09:34:20

How to get point so you can use the BlueSoleil 8.0.338.0?


sanju replied at 2015-09-21 09:34:20


xiongshao replied at 2010-09-29 09:40:15

Please see http://www.bluesoleil.com/support/Knowledge_Base.aspx?ID=20

And points use to download BlueSoleil 8.0.338.0 only.


Level: 1
Rate: updated at 2015-09-21 09:33:34

hola!!!  tengo problema para activar, me dice que nesecita numero de serie y cuando pongo no seleciona activar.


                                       por favor aydarmeis!!!!!!!!!


sanju replied at 2015-09-21 09:33:34


xiongshao replied at 2010-09-28 19:05:19

You make sure your license is correct first.

And you can connect supprt@bluesoleil.com too.

Level: 1
Rate: updated at 2015-09-21 09:31:54
BlueSoleil version 10.0.417.0 works well for me, but I use it only for file transfers from my cell phone to my PC.  In the past, I used it for file transfers between PCs, but I now do that over my LAN.  A problem with PC-to-PC file transfers is that on the target PC, the last-modified time becomes the current time, so that file information is lost.  I don't know whether that's a problem with BlueSoleil or with all implementations of the Bluetooth file transfer protocol.

sanju replied at 2015-09-21 09:31:54

Level: 2 Level: 2
Rate: updated at 2015-07-12 04:33:04

People having the 338 or the previous 358 driver version of Bluesoleil and considering to upgrade to this new 370 version, think again. 

After upgrading from 358 to 370 this week, I experienced:

- Disconnection of all Bleutooth devices after 5 minutes, due to a faulty reactivation of my legal s/n.
- After a while this is gone but replaced by: very distorted sound when using the A2DP service on (stereo) Bleutooth Senheisser headset.
- No proper swtiching between A2DP and HSP (Sco Audio) services and no A2DP sound on my Philips BT headset.
- I had to manually disconnect/reconnect the headset in the Bleusoleil Space window each time to get normal A2DP sound again.
- After reboot and automatic connection to my headset A2DP sound was distorted again.
- Windows error messages referring to BleusoleilCS.exe.
- Bluesoleil being inactive after a Windows reboot: grey systray icon. It could not be enabled by right-clicking this icon. Instead, I had to open the Bluesoleil Space windows, right-click the orange globe and select Turn on Bleutooth. After a Windows reboot the icon was grey and inactive again.


Deinstalling 370 and reinstalling 358 was no solution.  

I solved this in the end: deinstall the 370 version, manually delete all Bluesoleil entries in Windows 7 Registry (using regedit), remove my Bluetooth USB dongle, reboot Windows, reinstall the old 338 drivers which I downloaded by torrent, reboot Windows again, attach the USB dongle and pair my headset again. And lo' and behold: everything is working fine again! :)


So, please stay away from this 370 driver and wait for Bluesoleil to issue a new driver version. Bleusoleil should be aware of these problems, because more people in this comment section reported similar problems.


enine3 replied at 2015-07-12 04:33:04

BlueSoleil Space

enine3 replied at 2015-07-12 04:33:01

BlueSoleil Space

enine3 replied at 2015-07-12 04:32:57

BlueSoleil Space

enine3 replied at 2015-07-12 04:32:54

BlueSoleil Space
Level: 1
Rate: added at 2015-05-14 11:17:12
This is absolute rubbish.  I purchased this item with the disc, it kept coming up with error 183.  I contacted the company and they said to download the new version for free and then to purchase an activation code.  Why should I buy an activation code why I have just purchased the product with a disc.  I complained again and they said to install the latest version of the software and the device would have its own activation code.  Wrong Again!!  This time it gave me 2mb of use and then cut off saying it was a trail version and again I had to purchase an activation code.  I complained again and this time they said I had purchased an illegal product and declined to help me.  I am taking it back to get my money back and suggest you do not purchase this product, they have been no help what so ever and just want more money from me. 
Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-05-06 04:21:44
Am waiting for my new bluetooth to turn up, and then this one going in the bin, there is so much lag on the thing, tried a friends bluetooth and his works fine, only had this one a week, complete waste of money...
Level: 2 Level: 2
Rate: updated at 2014-05-05 05:51:17

Still unstable A2DP and HSP protocol connections. With each new version of Bluesoleil it gets worse than the previous version. Cannot even download the driver which is considered malicious by my Chrome browser... 

Please do NOT buy anything from the IVT Bleusoleil Corporation.


ALEX replied at 2014-05-05 05:51:17

okay thanks !


sochang replied at 2014-04-23 07:29:35

Bought Bluetooth Version 2.0  + EDR USB Adapter.  After plugging into my pc I can pair with my hp (Galaxy S3).  I could send from pc to hp but not from hp to pc.  Hp msg says "File not sent."  I tried to do a setup from the disk that came with the adapter but it always give "error 183" msg.  Feedback problem to Bluesoleil support team.  They asked my to download latest software from their website.  I already did that actually before I emailed my problem to them.  The latest os  works find.  I could communicate between hp and pc and vice versa without any problem.  The only problem is that this latest software is a trail version and last only for 30 days.  According to the support team I have to buy the serial number to activate this software.  I was really pissed off when they said that.  I paid S$14.90 for the adapter and it was suppose to be plug and play.  Now they ask me to pay (US$27.99) for the software so that I can get the damn thing working. Sells you a cheap device and ask you to buy the expensive software to get the thing working properly.  This company wants to rip people off.  Don't buy their stuff. Very bad technical support and customer service.
Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-05-02 23:03:21
I'm Korean user. I have bluetooth dongle with bluesoleil 6.2 , but if I upgrade bluesoleil 6.2 to 10 it asks product key (6.2 version didn't ask product key, it just activated.)
Level: 1
Rate: updated at 2014-04-26 23:19:41

how can i connect my Bluetooth head set to pc using it


tamsic replied at 2014-04-26 23:19:41

do u have a bluetooth dongle I mean a bluetooth usb . after instaling bluesoleil connect your bluetooth usb . then put your headset in pairing mood having done the pairing turn your head set on, then opn blusolail program right clik on the paired device there you can click on listen to music or click on make a call . if you click on listen music the microphon will not activate the microphone

tamsic replied at 2014-04-26 23:17:26

do u have a bluetooth dongle I mean a bluetooth usb . after instaling bluesoleil connect your bluetooth usb . then put your headset in pairing mood having done the pairing turn your head set then opn blusolail program right clik on the paired device there you can click on listen to music or click on make a call . if you click on listen music the microphon will not activate the microphone
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Rate: added at 2014-04-13 13:25:30
Nome registro: Application
Origine:       SideBySide
Data:          13/04/2014 17:24:56
ID evento:     80
Categoria attività:Nessuna
Livello:       Errore
Parole chiave: Classico
Utente:        N/D
Computer:      ZENITH

Generazione del contesto di attivazione non riuscita per "c:\program files (x86)\ivt corporation\bluesoleil\MAP_BsSMSEditor.exe". Errore nel file manifesto o dei criteri "", alla riga . Una versione del componente richiesta dall'applicazione è in conflitto con un'altra versione del componente già attiva. Componenti in conflitto:. Componente 1: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\x86_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.7601.17514_none_41e6975e2bd6f2b2.manifest. Componente 2: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\amd64_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.7601.17514_none_fa396087175ac9ac.manifest.


    <Data>c:\program files (x86)\ivt corporation\bluesoleil\MAP_BsSMSEditor.exe</Data>

Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-04-11 23:35:06
It has all the problems that the others are complaining about.
Unstable and fails miserably.

Level: 2 Level: 2
Rate: added at 2014-04-11 09:18:51

Gets worse and worse with every version :(

Stopped connecting with my headset. Connection with my phone not stable. Sending SMSes from PC don't work. etc.

Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-04-10 05:44:28
where to find version history?
Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-04-07 13:17:05
I was disappointed in BlueSoleil, since version 8 does not support the new adapters , and version 10 is not working headphones and hands free, no support phonebook for simple mobile phones, and besides, after installing BlueSoleil tenth version , starts to slow down your Computer .Instead of having to correct these problems and improve the program BlueSoleil, the developers have gone the other way - stuffed it or who do not need medical softom.Vy there would have inserted a program for gardeners.Since BlueSoleil is getting worse and worse , went to the free, works perfectly - "Software and Driver Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 Versiya6.5 , 236.18M" from developer HP.If IVT BlueSoleil, make your program again Bluetooth great as before, with pleasure will install it again

Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-04-05 10:35:02
I cannot download version 10 of the software. It stops downloading close to completion. My email is ken_powell@yahoo.com
Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-04-03 16:53:48

I have tried to upgrade to free upgrade numerous times without success over the last 12 months. Each time I am left want me to insert a serial number. The serial number on my dongle box does not do a thing when I have tried to insert  on a few occasions I added. I have freshly reloaded from dongle disc and then upgrade with your latest 10.00?? without wanting serial number each time. Win 8 I use.

What am I doing wrong??


Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-04-03 12:10:39
Are you aware that chrome blocks the download of this zip file as malicious?
Level: 1
Rate: added at 2014-04-03 10:06:31

i have the bluetooth dongle and i am experiencing the same problems

it is no more running claiming i do not have the serial

when i bought the product - it never came with any serial

i have downloaded the latest version 10 but it still asks me for serial

i am running windows 8

what do i do please

my email is : leebh4457@gmail.com


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