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Body Infrared Thermometer  


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Product Type:Epidemic prevention products

Place Of Origin:China



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Minimum Order Quantity:    1

Price: $52USD /per unit 

Certification: SFDACE


FCT-HW-M201 forehead infrared thermometer (hereinafter referred to as forehead thermometer) is a kind of measuring instrument that uses the principle of infrared reception to measure human body temperature. When in use, as long as the detection window is conveniently aligned with the forehead position, the human body temperature can be measured quickly and accurately.

Working Principle

All objects whose temperature is higher than absolute zero will emit a proportion of infrared radiation energy according to the level of their own temperature. The amount of radiant energy and its distribution by wavelength are very closely related to its surface temperature. The infrared wavelength of human body temperature (36 ~ 37 °c) is 9 ~ 13°чm. According to this principle, the surface temperature of the forehead can be accurately measured, and the correct body temperature can be displayed by correcting the temperature difference between the forehead and the actual body temperature.


(1)It is specially designed for measuring the temperature of the forehead of the human body, and the ambient temperature and forehead temperature are dynamically compensated;

(2)It has a sound prompt function when the body temperature is too high (by model);

(3)20 times of measurement data can be stored;

(4)Backlit liquid crystal (LED) digital display;

(5)Fahrenheit and Celsius mode selection;

(6)With automatic power off function;

(7)Small size, reasonable structure and convenient operation.

 Main Technical Indicators

1. Normal working conditions: Ambient temperature: 10 °C ~ 40 ° C;

2. (1) Relative temperature: °85%; Power source: DC3V (2 AA batteries) or 9v battery.

   (2) the basic size: It is 159mm ° 89mm ° 38mm (length ° width ° height).

   (3) Weight: 220g.

   (4) Indication resolution: 0.1 °.

   (5) Measurement range: 30.0 ° ~ 50.0 °.

   (6) power consumption: °50mw.

   (7) Indication error: ° 0.2 °.

   (8) measurement time: °0.5 seconds.

   (9) Measuring distance: 50mm-150mm.

   (10) automatic shutdown time: 5 seconds.



Epidemic prevention products Body Infrared Thermometer
Certification SFDA, CE