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[ The maintenance work for high efficiency raymond mill ]

The reason why this equipment is called raymond mill is that its grinding medium is made of ceramic. The raymond mill is widely applied in mineral processing, chemical, new-type building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, and non-ferrous metal processing industry, etc. Deeply favored by consumers, but during the routine use, users have found that the machine production efficiency will lower down due to various reasons. At this moment, the maintenance work for raymond mill is of significant importance.

1. Stop grinding at fixed period, regularly inspect the important parts such as the hollow shaft, main bearing, cylinder, reducer, gearwheel and pinion, record their running situation and give appropriate treatment according to the records.
2. In operation, the lubricant temperature of the main bearing should not be more than and that of the transmission bearing and reducer should less than The lubricant should be released completely after using for a month, then thoroughly clean up the machine and replace fresh lubricating oil. In addition, the lubrication condition and oil level of all the lubricating points must be checked every four hours at most.

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