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Posted at 2012-05-19 12:56:03
[ Bluetooth michrophone problem ]

Hello there.

I just purchased a bluetooth dongle with the Bluesoleil 7.0.356.0 software with it..

is it possible to make a dedicatet microphone with good sound quality and with no speaker. The reason for this is i have purchased a very good quality headset from turtle beach, the PX5 model with RF sound and 2 seperate bluetooth channels. My problem is that when i pair my headset with bluesoleil as headphone with microphone the quality of my voice other people hear is very bad, and i think that the reason for this is that the Microphone that apears under my audio input devices (Bluetooth SCO Audio) is set to 1 channel 16bit 8000hz (telephone quality)..

would the latest version of Bluesoleil make any difference?

Can anybody pls help

Regards Michael


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