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Posted at 2020-06-11 02:45:43
[ To learn how the COVID-19 affects the global economy ]

In order to stop the further spread of novel coronavirus, governments around the world have taken varying degrees of measures to block some countries and cities. This includes closing borders, closing schools and workplaces, and restricting large gatherings.To get more news aboutWikiFX , you can visit wikifx news official website.
  The unemployment rate is rising.
  These restrictions, called the “Great blockade” (Great Lockdown) by the International Monetary Fund(IMF), caused many global economic activities to sink into stagnation and people to lose their jobs. It can be seen that this is a real challenge for the whole world. The worlds largest economy, America, has lost more than 2,600 million jobs in the past five weeks. The United States is not alone in facing rising unemployment. Unemployment has also risen in Australia and South Korea, with some economists warning that the situation could get worse.


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Posted at 2020-06-30 14:51:05

Yeah, everything seems to be shut down because of this virus. It is so boring to seat at home.


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Posted at 2020-06-30 16:28:05

This effect is really strong and every business feel it, as I understand. It is necessary to work hard during this perid if you want to continue to earn nice money


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Posted at 2020-06-30 17:31:18

Yeah, no doubt today it's not easy with seeking a job due to this pandemic. And if you have a job you have to relax after a difficult day working home. I prefer to do it gambling. But I choose sites thoroughly by reading reviews like the review of Zodiac NZ . I find it very useful.

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