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[ To find the numerous collectibles and treasures ]

To find the numerous collectibles and treasures scattered throughout the island, consult this fortnite items useful all-in-one map put together by Reddit user thesquatingdog. Rubber Duckies can be located at various locations scattered across the island ; Tilted Towers, where players need to remove three competitions, is west of the island's centre. No need to find the treasure map at Salty Springs -- only head straight to place J7, as marked on the map. As always, don't forget to finish out the match you are in once you've finished a challenge in order to be sure to get credit for it.

Complete any four of these tasks to unlock the weekly comprised Battle Pass benefit. Complete them to earn as many Fight Stars as you can -- which will gives maximum value, in terms of loot, for a Battle Pass.

During Season 4, players might have to buy the seasonal Battle Pass in order to fortnite weapons get weekly challenges. Learn what the sport delivered with the latest patch here.

As usual, the challenges pose a combination of objectives to complete that enable you to level up your Battle Pass and unlock new rewards, but there is another bonus waiting for players that manage to clean them all.

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