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How to use Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking service?

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This service enables users to connect to the Internet via a Bluetooth mobile phone.


  • Search for your mobile phone and connect to its Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking service.

  • A Bluetooth dial up networking Modem driver will be installed on the first time connection. Then the Dial-Up Connection Wizard pops up. Please select your Internet service provider and click the Finish button to connect to your ISP.

  • Once the dial-up connection is established, you can browse the Internet on your computer.


  • To dial-up via GPRS or 3G, you need to configure the GPRS settings in your phone. Please contact your phone manufacturer or mobile phone provider for more details.
  • If your mobile phone is not supported by this function, you can tell us by sending an e-mail to mobile@bluesoleil.com. Please include the following information:
    [ISP name] (***)
    CountryName= (***)
    ContryProvider= (unknown)
    HomeNetworkNumber= (***)
    DNS_PRIMARY= (can be null)
    DNS_SECONDARY= (can be null)
    USERNAME= (***)
    PASSWORD= (***)
    PHONENUM= (***)
    Network= (can be only gprs)
    GPRS IP=
    GPRS AT_INIT=AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet" (***)
    The fields marked with "***" are required. After the information is collected, we will try our best to support your phone as soon as possible. And we are very grateful for what you offer.