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Tail-Wagging Wearable Wins Big

2017/3/13 15:16:18     Source: SIG     Views:325     Comments:0


For centuries, poets, novelists, songwriters, filmmakers, and many others have tried to describe the intricate love and trust of the human-canine relationship, with varying degrees of success. But rather than describe it, one technology innovator has developed a device to strengthen and enhance that relationship.

We chatted with Herbie Calves, CMO of Link AKC, which makes a Bluetooth- and GPS -enabled collar for humankind's best friend. Check out our conversation, in which Herbie describes how the Link AKC collar helps people feel closer to their dogs, know their dogs better, and be better pet parents—and how Bluetooth is an integral part of that.

Link AKC deserves huge congratulations for winning this year's Best of Innovation Award at CES 2017. We're proud to be part of the inspiring, forward-thinking work they're doing to strengthen the relationships between all of us and our four-legged friends.

(Credit: Bluetooth SIG)

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