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Posted at 2021-10-17 15:35:11
[ How to properly use CPR in trading? ]

How to properly use CPR in trading?


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Posted at 2021-10-19 12:24:58

A very important part is cpr in trading, you can learn more about it here https://finstrategy.in/how-to-use-central-pivotal-range-on-trading-in-2021/ .
To carry out this study, we wrote a script that "catches" and saves parameter data on Price Action CPR patterns. The study was conducted on the selected basic timeframes for each financial instrument.

As always, the minute timeframe (М1) is excluded from the analysis, as it is considered as risky and unpromising - there is too much "noise". Weekly (W1) and monthly (MN) timeframes are also excluded from the consideration since they do not represent statistical data samples. This means that the number of the formed CPR patterns on these timeframes is not considerable and is usually less than 300 and cannot be used for statistical conclusions.


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Posted at 2021-10-19 15:03:09

Honestly, this is the first time I've heard about it. I think I should find out more about it.

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