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[ HP Printer Setup Procedure From Start- 123.hp.com/setup ]

  • The new users who first bought their printer should also be able to set up their printer. While 123.hp.com/setup is a useful page where you can obtain all the details related to HP Printer.

  • And follow the steps below to start the process:

  • First bring your HP printer out from the case.

  • Carefully placed it on a clean , dry, and flat surface then.

  • Remove all the tapes and the material for packing.

  • Check if tapes are inside which seal the sections of your printer.

  • Now plug into a working power socket your printer power cord in.

  • Click the power button, and blinking will begin on your printer.

  • Then go to the printer screen and configure Language, Date, Area, etc.

  • Take out of the case the original HP Printer ink cartridge.

  • Open the door of the cartridge and inject each ink at the correct location.

  • Note: You can take the aid of the printer manual if you're lost and don't know how to insert the inks cartridges.

  • You are going to get a message on the phone, close the door and see.

  • Now take A4 size sheets and insert appropriate sheets into the input plate.

  • Place all sheets and ink cartridges with your printer.

  • It's going to request the connection now.

Therefore, you're finished with the simple HP printer setup, let's now proceed towards your HP Printer's network connection.

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