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Posted at 2019-06-17 11:11:12
[ Urwerk Watch Replica UR-110 ]


URWERK launches new UR-111

If we have learned about Urwerk watches for a long time, it is that they are good at creating amazing changes in the subject. So far, they have maintained consistent output of smart, well-crafted and philosophically coherent watches based on the same time display system - the three-dimensional satellite format of the roaming moment.

The second part of this exploration takes the form of the new UR-111, which moves back some linear displays to emphasize the linear minutes and interlocking seconds on the rotating cylinder. People have informally called this project a second cobra, but the UR-111 is more like a distant relative than a direct descendant. On the design side, I can see the logic, but mechanically (and this is always the core of any URWERK creation) may not be that much.

On the wrist, the UR-111 has a clear presence and is still very comfortable, which is typical of all URWERK buy replicas watch (actually possible for the UR-1001 Zeit device, the obvious reason). Like AMC, the UR-111 is a gradual leap in its class, marking 2018 as the watershed of the brand.

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