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Posted at 2020-06-08 16:27:57
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What kind of food to take before training? The answer is this is the best sports nutrition that should be taken before cardio. You can read more about such products at this link gym-expert.com/best-pre-workout-for-cardio


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It really depends on what kind of exercise you are doing.If you are just a starter fruits, shakes can help.I started gym 6 years ago and i have been regular since.It is really about consistency,diet is a secondary objective.If you are consistent you'll build up fast on the other hand if you are taking proper diet but not consistent then you will just gain weight.Its really depends on you.By the way if you are really pushing yourself and doing hard reps then you can use a supplement that suits you but you'll need to burn it well.You can use a <a href="https://hectorfrey32.wixsite.com/mysite/post/things-to-look-for-when-buying-a-treadmill"> treadmill </a> for that.walk or run on it forty yo sixty mins.That would be enough.Good Luck

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