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[ Insurance Marketing Video | Top Animated Video Production Agency ]

In essence an Animated Video uses colourful, engaging images and motion that takes a complex idea and presents it in a simple and super easy to understand manner. The use of an Animated Video has been cited to improve product / service understanding by up to 650% compared to other traditional means such as a powerpoint slide, quotations, brochures etc. It is also the most effective tool to convey information to someone else with high retention rate, i.e. the person viewing the video will be able to recall information from it much longer than anything else such as reading document or watching a powerpoint slide for example.


Think about it this way – how many videos have you seen today? Be it on Social Media, computers, mobile phones etc. we are already heavily relying on electronic devices as part of everyday life – and video marketing using Animated Insurance Videos is the perfect weapon to be used in all of these devices to reach your prospects.


Our Animated Videos are presently used by over 150+ businesses, small and large, across 4 countries and they lead to significantly improved sales numbers and lead generation processes everyday. Our powerful Animated Insurance Sales Videos – means you get a dazzling animated insurance sales video that is designed to CONVERT. In other words they are designed to get your video viewers to take a specific action – i.e. sign up for an insurance product.


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