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Posted at 2020-06-01 21:29:20
[ Play enough 2K to get a 99 THIS YEAR ]

It is incredibly annoying watching lazy/super casuals complain about 2K MT being a money fest when this is the year be a casual AND possess two or a player. You may have a no cash spent 99 at 2K20 in per month playing about an hour a day and people are STILL complaining. Straight up, if you're not willing to play enough 2K to get a 99 THIS YEAR, your view on 2K is invalid.It Is really crazy to me superstars will Jump off of a Place

The dudes that only finish winning against bums OFF their win series simply to run on to you and check who they're against and whether to duck. Those are the worst. So when you've got a bunch of weak randoms on your team, that I know not wished to play with a squad, I play with a lot of randoms. In addition, I know hoping the court after a win off because you've discovered. But I won't ever understand leaping back on and then hopping off to check the competition out.

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