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Posted at 2020-03-18 00:13:03
[ What should Web designers know about SEO? ]

Today we have seen that only designing a website is not enough. Every designer understands that there is also an SEO strategy for a website. A website designer should have a basic knowledge of SEO.

1.      A design that must attract your users

2.      The website URL should be keyword centric and meaningful

3.      Content of the page is visible to the visitors

4.      Decreasing the Size of Image

5.      Navigation of Menu should be appropriate and easy to understand

Keyword Research (not recommended for a web designer as it is not their core job but if they learn these skills then it would be good for them)   

Understanding the implementation of Sales Funnel

Website needs to be compatible in all devices, and all accessible platforms

Well, we know that SEO is an integral part of business promotion. But if the website is not designed with SEO friendly metrics, then it won’t be easy for a website owner to rank the website. So if you are a web designer, then you should learn some basic SEO techniques so that you can design a website according to SEO point of view.


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Posted at 2020-03-18 00:50:21

Yes , today every web designer as well as mobile app developer know all strategy of SEO and implementation of Sales Funnel to grow their business online.


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