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Posted at 2017-03-01 21:40:36
[ Need help for building specific site ]


I am definitely not an experienced website builder, I just use paid sites to make the small things I need for my art portfolio and a few things. So, please don't judge too hard and realize I need help. I am looking to make a solid site but easy enough for someone with basic website skills to build. I am not technologically challenged just am not experienced with coding.
I am looking to start a company, I won't get into it too much, but the store I need to build would have items located at different addresses and zip codes. When a buyer logs onto the site they input their address and zip code. The site would then auto calculate the cost to get the item from where the item is to the buyer as a delivery cost and show the price of the item with this added onto it. 
Price of item + delivery(Distance between addresses x cost per mile) = total price
Is there a website building site or some program that I can build a site that would look professional, have the ability to add this calculator, be easy enough for someone with say intermediate skill sets, not immensely expensive and not easy to hack (It would be processing a lot of transactions through PayPal, cards, etc).
I really appreciate your time in reading this and hope you can help me find the best solution.


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