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BlueSoleil Administrator

Posted at 2010/12/28 13:31:14
[ Beginner's Guide ]

Welcome to BlueSoleil!We provide a forum for developers to discuss and communicate the developing in the field of Bluetooth and wireless technology.
Please read the publish flow carefully:

  • This forum is only for discussing the issues related to software development. If you need technical support or complaints, please contact support@bluesoleil.com, and if you have the questions about sales please contact sales@bulesoleil.com.
  • First please register and become our member.
  • You need to log in to publish a new post or reply to a post.
  • Click , then you can submit a new subject post.
  • Click , and then you can submit a reply to the subject post.
  • Click , and then your reply will contain the content of the original post.

Accumulate points and experience:

  • Once you publish a subject post, you will get 2 accumulate points and 2 experience points.
  • Once you reply a post, you will get 1 accumulate points and 1 experience point.
  • If you reply to the post you published, you will not get any accumulate point and experience point.