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BlueSoleil Administrator

Posted at 2010/12/28 13:27:12
[ Forum Rules ]

Rule 1

Please do not post any spam or unauthorized promotional material which includes copyright material owned by third parties on this forum. We will instantly delete any information of a spamming nature, it is not worth your effort. If you have some quality content you would like to make available to our members please contact us directly via email and we can discuss this directly with you.

Rule 2

Please refrain from using any obscene language or posting things of a lewd or suggestive nature. I can assure you that your posting will be deleted and you will face expulsion from the forum.

Rule 3

This forum was designed for developers looking to share ideas that will hopefully positively influence their developing. We encourage you to discuss and challenge others ideas but please do so without being offensive, rude or otherwise provocative. We reserve the right to ban you from the forum if you break this rule.

Rule 4

This site is designed to discuss developing. If you wish to discuss something that does not involve developing, I encourage you to do so but please in the Discussions board. Also make sure to post in the correct subject. If you should not follow this rule we reserve the right to either move your posting or delete it.

Rule 5

At this time only the forum administrator has the right to create/edit/delete subjects. If you would like to add your point of view please do it in a subject that already exists and is of similar content that you wish to post.